Happy 4th of July!

Today, in the country called the United States, we celebrate the Declaration of Independence. Two hundred and thirty-nine years ago, on July 4th, 1776,  the original 13 colonies regarded themselves a new nation and no longer a part of the British Empire. It’s a holiday usually associated with fireworks, parades, political speeches and get-togethers. Below are some pictures of my celebrating this special day.

4th of July party_002 4th of July party_012

Here we are celebrating together as friends and family. My mother, Lolita, decorated the festivities with the supervision of my little sister Payton. We had a wonderful time dancing and laughing together, as my Auntie Alicia played an awesome selection of Mashups.

4th of July party_0074th of July party_010

We went to the cove near our house to watch the fireworks display. They were so beautiful! They lit up the sky with their amazing spectacular colors.

4th of July party_0084th of July party_009

I got my face painted!

While searching for my patriotic attire on Second Life’s Marketplace, I found this $1 Linden tattoo layer entitled USA Face Paint, was created by Glamorize.

I’m wearing a dark blue t-shirt, screen printed red, white and blue stars and the words Happy 4th of July, designed by Dinky Starfall, owner of Bucket List. It comes in both Kid and Baby Toddleedoo sizes. My medium wash denim shorts are from Little Closet, and my Sweet Shooes, white strapped sandals are from Sweet Tots. My hair was styled by Argrace, cut: Makoto. On my wrist is a ~PuppyLove~ Friendship bracelet, in Mango Melon.   You can purchased it at the Official Camp Hardknock Shopping Headquarters.  On my head are the Shooting Star Deely Boppers! created by Marianne McCann, owner of You Know, For Kids. The stars are color changeable.

meet and greet_012meet and greet_013meet and greet_014

For those that celebrate Independence Day on July 4th, I hope you have a fun and safe holiday!

Pose is by .Click., titled Patriotic.  The flag is included with the pose.

meet and greet_020meet and greet_021meet and greet_018


New Addition to our Family

May 4, 2015, my family had a visitor for dinner. A blond stranger with purple high tops and shiney sunglasses. We sat around the dining room table eating fried chicken and buttermilk biscuits. After brief conversation, I determined I enjoyed his presence and the newcomer could stay. This evening, May 24, 2015, we officially asked Matthew Anthony to join the Oleander clan!


cinco de mayo_005

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

mother's day_020

Spending time with our family, racing carousel horses

mother's day_024

Piggyback Ride!

Riley's Party_003

Matthew, my little sister Riley and me dancing at Riley’s 20s Theme birthday party

Harry Potter_009

Hanging around for Mommy’s Harry Potter themed birthday

Harry Potter 2_002

Matthew and I sharing a moment watching Harry Potter

Mommy's Party_003

Mommy’s Harry Potter themed birthday party!

Matthew Join Our Family_007

We asked Matthew if he’d do us the honor of becoming an Oleander

Who is Raven Andrew Oleander

My name is Raven and I’m a virtual child living in a parallel universe called Second Life.  My First Life Human conceived her debut virtual identity on May 02, 2008, a spunky little girl called Sage.  Two years later, while driving home, my creator contemplated bringing to life an additional virtual being: a boy. I first rezzed to life on February 15, 2010.  Originally I was just an entertaining side project.  Periodically I would visit, experience the world Sage primarily lived in.  But the further I evolved, the more our First Life Human wanted me to participate in this amazing virtual universe as well.

Original Raven

In September of 2011, shortly after the much anticipated final feature film of the Harry Potter series was released, a role playing sim was created in Second Life entitled Hogwarts: Your Story.  The premise: 40 years after the final battle between, the Boy that Lived and the One that Shall Not Be Named. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry reopens and we are the students whos stories unfold.  This was the perfect opportunity for my First Life Human to allow my Second Life to flourish!

Raven Hufflepuff                        Raven3

During my involvement with Hogwarts: Your Story, an incredible individual was introduced, Lolita Oleander. Little did I know, she would have a huge impact, changing everything. She sent me a private message on the social media site Plurk asking if I had a family.  At the time, I wasn’t fully immersed as the primary Second Life account for my Real Life Human.  Sage still had that role; and Sage had a mother and a father. Since I was only going to be involved in the Harry Potter realm, I wasn’t considering a family.  However, the more I interacted with Lolita, the more I knew she had something I needed during this stage in my existence.  She had such a positive and sweet disposition. I imagine birds and woodland creatures would want to be in her presence, similar to Cinderella and Snow White.  Eventually I emerged as becoming the principal character living in this virtual parallel universe.  On May 18, 2012, I became an Oleander: son to Lolita and Takeo.


A great deal has changed within the 3 years since becoming an Oleander. I am at peace and grateful my parents allow me to reside in their world. There was a time, my Second Life revolved around my mother. However, over the years, my fondness for my father has continued to grow. I adore my friendship with these two.  I have 2 younger siblings: Payton and Riley.  The baby of our family is Payton and our resident princess is Riley. I adore them and am proud to be their older brother.  I wouldn’t trade them for anything, and hope they recognize my love for them.  I have a potential older brother named Matthew. He’s so friendly and fits in so well. I look forward to becoming more acquainted and cherishing him as much as my sisters. I couldn’t ask for more when it comes to my extended family, the Zanzibars. My Auntie Alicia is amazing.  My Uncle Al is so funny.  When he and my daddy get together, they are hilarious. I absolutely adore my cousins, Abby and Birdy. I have so many wonderful memories as a result of these unbelievable human beings.

The family at Riley's birthday party

The intent for this journal is to share my adventures within this amazing world and to blog exciting findings along the way.

Welcome to my So Called Virtual Life!